I’M Jewel is created in Prague, a place that is known for exceptional quality that reflects centuries of jewelry-making tradition and devotion to handcrafted detail; depth of knowledge and skill adds lasting value. All pieces can also be made bespoke.

Slovakian born sisters Martina Gordon and Ivona Bruun Wiwel both became akin to the world of fashion and design at an early age through their careers as fashion models based in New York and Paris. Throughout the years they worked with leading fashion houses, publications and fashion stylists, acquiring extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the fashion and design industries.

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I’M Jewel was created with the ambition to craft time transcendent jewelry, pieces with lasting emotional value, made to compliment the style of those who wear them. Martina and Ivona approach the art of wearing jewelry with the sensibility of layering, like a second skin. Today Martina and Ivona work together symbiotically across Copenhagen and New York creating a collection of fine jewelry taking inspiration from their childhood memories as well as the organic symbols of nature that inspire beauty.